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"The Inner Sun", a poem I authored is part of this poetry and art journal.

"A Saint in the City" and "In Honor of Woman" are two poems I authored in this anthology.

"The Deep Wet Cafe Kiss", a poem I authored is published in this anthology.

THE ANGELS ARE WATCHING (2003) PAGES: 46 - Spiral Bound Poetry & Prose Chapbook

CANTEEN TRUMPETS AT NOON (1997) PAGES: 20 - Two Staple Fold Chapbook

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The Pacific Grove Press

September 2003


Dan Miller

Poetry/Prose Collection Warm and Uplifting

I must point out that I am not a big fan of poetry. Though I have been known to write some myself and have written countless songs--a form of poetry--I have limited myself to the classics and Dr. Seuss. I usually don't have time for poetry that makes me do the work trying to figure out what the writer was imagining. I figure that's his job. I've never been a fan of connect-the-dots and usually go by the rule of "if it doesn't rhyme, I don't have the time."

That's why I was surprised by just how much I liked The Angels are Watching, a collection of poems by James Berkowitz.

Though currently living in LA, Berkowitz has spent some time on the Monterey peninsula, having created two poetry festivals that were presented here in 2000. His poetry is charming, warm, and uplifting. His intent is clear, his talent magnificent, and his gift for creating a feeling and image with few words is evident throughout his writings. This is truly a wonderful collection.

While there are a few short pieces of poetry that resemble essays, the biggest surprise is the inclusion of "Transformation 66" , part two of the collection and a short story. Who among us has not actually broken down in the middle of nowhere or feared doing so when we've been driving on a desolate stretch of highway? Berkowitz brings the actuality to life with humor, while never wasting space with unneeded description. Like his poetry, every word serves a purpose.

This is truly a nice collection of writings by a talented individual who deserves recognition for both his poetry and prose.